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Hello friend. You've reached the personal website of Scott Sanderson.

I'm a software developer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My academic background is in mathematics and philosophy, with a focus on foundational questions in mathematics, computer science, and epistemology.

Professionally, I've worked mostly in Python and C++, but I enjoy using and learning from many different programming languages. Hobby languages that I've enjoyed include Rust, Haskell, Clojure, Go, and Emacs Lisp.

I enjoy working on problems that involve API design, performance optimization, and/or metaprogramming. I also enjoy working on tools that improve developer productivity.

I am on a short break between two jobs, but I most recently worked at Quantopian, where I build systems for researching and developing quantitative trading strategies.

When I'm not programming, I enjoy rock climbing, board games, craft beer, and talking about philosophy.

You can find me elsewhere on the internet at the following locations: